Free Access Is Too Much Freedom

By | January 13, 2018

Sometimes, people take things for granted especially if they know that they won’t get any negative side-effects from it. But, due to the freedom of people to access common goods, some of them tends to abuse it to the point that they do things that can be disrespectful for the owner.

Since movies online are accessed easily, there are circumstances that people do something that is beyond what they should do with the videos. That is why you must know the things that you must not do on movies uploaded online on websites like xmovies8.

What You Should Avoid Doing

  • Never download the movies – once you downloaded the content on their page, it is considered as piracy because you copied something without their consent and you didn’t even acknowledge them for it. What’s worse is that you even make a profit out of the movie that you downloaded and sell it for a certain price.
  • Don’t use the comment section to advertise – one of the things that some people do is commenting on the movie and sometimes, it’s not even related with the movie but a link to other website. As much as possible, please avoid doing so because it is a violation for the rights of the owner
  • Don’t share the link – if people will be asking you where you watched something, don’t provide them the link but instead, mention the name of the website and ask them to search for it. In that way, you are also not spoon feeding them of information and you didn’t violate any laws.
  • Don’t upload on other sites – this is also the same when you download the movie. Plus, you are also making them too exposed and they also might get sued in case that uploaded video will be used against you for certain violated laws.