123movies: Great Movies For Kids & Adults

By | November 13, 2017

Who says that animated movies are only made for kids? For kids and adults alike, there are so many movies that will leave them interested with the plot of the story and how the twist of events will turn out. Here, this is a mix of suspense, thrill, action, and fun that will surely leave the audience fulfilled. These are just some of the great movies that have great stories to tell not just only for the kids, but also for the adults.

Great Animated Movies For Kids & Adults

Toy Story movies

The Toy Story movies tell tales of the relationship between beloved toys and the owner. Each movie will depict the phase of the owner’s life from being a kid to finally being sent to college. During those years, there are challenges that the toys have to face including dealing with each other, figuring out the plan during troubles, and facing the fact that their owner, Andy, is growing up. Watching this online can be done with 123movies.

Spirited Away

This is a charming and quirky movie that gained recognition around the world. The film is originally but there are now English dubs for it. The plot of this movie creates such a nostalgic feeling and it will truly get the audience immersing on what it would feel like if you were in the situation of the protagonist. People surely found this as a noteworthy movie!

Song of the Sea

The indie film Song of the Sea created big waves for it became a big hit world-wide! Song of the Sea tells a heart-warming story of the adventures of a little girl and a big brother who is on a mission to help get back the spirits and restore the sea. The story, the art, and the soundtrack ring sweetness that will leave the audience pleased.